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261,907. Butler, T. H., Popham, F. J. W., Mann, J. C., and Robinson, H. W. Nov. 17, 1925. Liquid fuels.-In the production of fuels by blending coal tar pitch and a fuel oil of petroleum or asphaltic origin, the pitch is heated to a temperature substantially above its melting point and the oil is gradually added with continuous agitation. Up to 15 per cent of a solid hydrocarbon of the naphthalene or anthracene series may be added with the oil. In an example 1 ton of pitch melting at 72-80鈥� C. is heated to 200鈥� C. in a vessel A, and 1 ton of black oil of sp. gr. 0.950-0.980 is run in steadily through a pipe J, the temperature of the mixture being maintained above 150鈥� C. The mixture, which is homogeneous above 150鈥� C., is withdrawn through a pipe K by a pump L and transmitted to burners through pipes M, N, N<1>, N<2>, any excess returning through a pipe O to the mixer A.
1418328 Hydrogenation catalyst system INSTITUT FRANCAIS DE PETROLE 24 Aug 1973 [1 Sept 1972] 40232/73 Heading C5E The aromatic and sulphur contents of hydrocarbons are reduced by contacting with hydrogen at 200-450鈥� C. and 10-200 kg./cm.<SP>2</SP> abs. with a catalyst (A) comprising (a) an oxide and/or sulphide of Mo, W, Ni and/or Co, (b) alumina and (c) iron oxide and then with a catalyst (B) for the hydrogenation of aromatics and containing a metal in elemental form. The catalyst (A) has an Al 2 O 3 : Fe 2 O 3 ratio of from 0脌25 to 4; the iron oxide can be incorporated in this catalyst as the "red mud", hematite, bauxite or as iron salts. A suitable catalyst (B) is Pt on alumina. The catalysts (A) and (B) can be regenerated with steam at 100-600鈥� C. The process can be used to treat distillates boiling within the range 50-350鈥� C. e.g. white spirit and kerosene for aviation fuels.
[COOK BRUCE R] US Clean distillate useful as a jet fuel or jet blending stock is produced from Fischer-Tropsch wax by separating wax into heavier and lighter fractions; further separating the lighter fraction and hydroisomerizing the heavier fraction and that portion of the light fraction above about 475 ~F. The isomerized product is blended with the untreated portion of the lighter fraction to produce high quality, clean, jet fuel.
[VJAZNIKOVTSEV EVGENIJ VASIL EVICH, DERJUGINA LIDIJA ALEKSANDROVNA, MALISHEVSKIJ VLADIMIR EVGEN EV, VOLOSATOV OLEG STEPANOVICH, JAROSH VALERIJ IL ICH] RU FIELD: chemistry. ^ SUBSTANCE: invention concerns methods of obtaining double-component fuel mixes where one component is high-viscosity oil fuel (fuel oil) with 180-500 cSt viscosity at 50C and the other component is light distilled fuel (MDO, MGO, low-viscosity marine fuel 1, low-viscosity marine fuel 2, diesel fuel) with 5.5-14 cSt viscosity at 40C. Invention claims method of obtaining double-component fuel mix (FM) with given viscosity by defining proportion of high-viscosity and low-viscosity components and mixing them. Distinction involves continuous addition of low-viscosity component to constantly circulating high-viscosity component heated to a definite temperature, along with affecting it by direct current field. Component ratio is defined by low-viscosity component amount required to obtain fixed electric potential of FM correlated to given viscosity. ^ EFFECT: method of obtaining double-component fuel mix with given viscosity at high precision and minimum labour and time cost. ^ 1 tbl, 1 ex, 2 dwg
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Perfect timing as I am preparing for a presentation, I am sure will use your advice

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Debra I. Francis says

Excellent article! Simple and easy to follow with some solid points. It’s always important to see public speaking as a two-way process so I appreciate point #1 and will add that practice makes perfect. Practice the presentation aloud, it makes a huge difference!

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James Moushon says

Excellent advice about being silent. Many filler words seem to come between sentences. If you take a breath at the end of each sentence, it’s nearly impossible to say any filler word. The pause while you’re taking a breath allows you to gather your next thought; allows you to fuel your brain with oxygen; gives your audience time to process, absorb and/or digest what you just told them or showed them.



Standout… Precise Guidelines….


Philippa Leguen de Lacroix says

Great content as always Dave! The overall message is certainly the number 1 priority – an area we always focus on first. So many people neglect it!


Patricia says

Great article and tips !


Sharon Hamersley says

Practice, practice, practice! And know your audience – what is their greatest fear about your topic? If you can help them get past that, they will love you.


Vishnu says

October 1 2017 at 12:35 pm

I’m glad you picked up on this.

Did you see the Observer’s view on the future of work?

They mention UBI – but then they say this:

‘Even if robots were to erode human work, a universal basic income would be no solution: why would their owners continue to pay the rest of us an income when we lack the economic power that comes from having a job? Ceding the ground of an economic model based on the dignity of work and humans producing stuff consumed by other humans risks paving the way to extreme inequality. A tax on automation would simply discourage investment in the technological progress that improves living standards’.

I mean look at this. Huge assumptions about how UBI could be funded (re-distribution). No mention of the ability of the Government to print the money perhaps? Or any other good ideas? No imagination whatsoever and a blindness to what Government can actually do for its people. No mention of the trials in Northern Europe.


The main issue for the railways is the same as in the other utilities – privatisation actually creates a diversion away from re-investment and quality of delivery as it creates another mouth to feed – the investor – who always wants more and threatens to take their money away to someone else if the returns are not good enough (underpinned by law). What you have is an instant mechanism for how money (operational surpluses) can be moved from the real economy of wages and expenditure to the investment economy and the 1%.

My organisation is a not for profit ALMO sponsored by the City Council and our surpluses are put back into investment. That is why we are able to still build council houses despite the 1% in rent income a certain Mr Osbourne began to take from us in 2015. It works (albeit slowly).

Private investment (even PFI) could be made to work if the returns were reasonable and the investor was expected to make a longer term commitment to the projects that they ‘fund’. But this is not the case and never has been to my knowledge. It’s all about huge profits – not the projects nor the social benefits that should come form them. The whole thing is a lie.

October 1 2017 at 12:52 pm

I had to pick which one to argue with….

The UBI comment was equally absurd

October 1 2017 at 6:27 pm

I fully understand that Richard – you do cover a lot of this stuff and I’m not poking any holes in your choice of article. All I was doing was pointing out that the same lazy thinking seems to dominate their thoughts on a multitude of issues. They have been unable to break through the intellectual glass ceiling they have imposed on themselves and which comes from the wider cultural acceptance of the ‘markets good/Government bad’ syndrome.

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